Friday’s Guilty Pleasure for 12/20/2013

Tis the season for more Holiday Guilty Pleasures! I’m going back in time for this week’s guilty pleasure to something I’m pretty sure most of you have never seen…three black-and-white stop motion videos from the 1950’s that are a tradition on my hometown TV station. People love them so much that they’ve posted them on-line so that the folks who moved away and can’t make it home over the holidays can still see the videos and share them with their families.

There’s just something special about these little songs. They’re so simple. So quant. A reminder of a simpler time when Christmas wasn’t about the latest electronic device and a lot more about your family and friends. They’re part of the Christmas Magic I’ve been look for. I don’t know that watching them helps me find it, but it brings back all kinds of memories and today I’ll take it.

Without any further adieu, here are the three videos that I can’t help but watch each Christmas.

Here are three friends of the Big Man in the Red Suit that you probably don’t know. This is probably my favorite video. It also spawned outbursts of, “And Joooooeee,” whenever someone listed names, and what’s not to love about that.

Frosty is the MAN! Well, the snowman. He looks a little different here than what a lot of us are use to, but he’s still his thumpity-thump-thump self.

Don’t forget Suzy Snowflake who is dressed in a snow-white gown and tapping on the window panes of North Main Street! Born from the classic 1951 song written by Sid Tepper and Roy Brodsky, and most notably performed by Rosemary Clooney, Suzy characterizes everything that is fun about the first snowfall of the year!

I find Hardrock, Coco, and yes, Joe, absolutely adorable. And if you are anything like the me, you’ll catch yourself humming Suzy Snowflake’s little theme song for days! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas One and All!

If you have an idea for next week’s Guilty Pleasure – or if you would like to be the special Guest Blogger and write next week’s Guilty Pleasure post, drop me a line here! I would LOVE to hear your ideas. Especially all you Spoonies and Chronic Babes – what are the those little guilty pleasures that make the bad days a little better? Let’s share and help each other!