Friday’s Guilty Pleasure for 12/13/2013

Tis the season for Holiday Guilty Pleasures! This week’s Guilty Pleasure is more of a genre – it’s the cheesy Christmas movie.

There are loads of them playing pretty much 24/7 between Lifetime Movie Network and ABC Family and UP and a few other cable channels there are at least three or four new movies every weekend. And these movies play all weekend.

They are the guiltiest of pleasures. The girl always gets the boy. The day is always saved by a Christmas Miracle. There is always hope and always a happy ending. Big bonus – they are family friendly! That’s right Ladies and Gents, you can watch them with the kids, not that kids would want to watch a  lot of them, but there are a few that they would enjoy.

The plots are predictable. The acting by the supporting cast (and occasionally the stars) is not going to be winning any awards. And sometimes the writing is awful. But occasionally there is a real gem.

Love at The Christmas Table starring Danica McKellar is one of my favorites because it goes a little against the grain from most of the movies. Tom Cavanagh made a great almost Santa Clause in Snow along side Ashley Williams and they were a great pair again in Snow 2: Brain Freeze (these are two great ones for watching with the kids). One of the best I’ve seen come out so far this year has been Let It Snow with Candance Cameron Bure, Jesse Hutch and Alan Thicke on the Hallmark Channel. But there are a ton…There was another where Ashley Williams played a librarian at a library was being closed by a handsome young Scrooge type that was cute…There was one with Drew Lachey last weekend on the new Up Network called Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas that wasn’t too bad. But there are a lot out there, so see what you like. (Side Note: Dean Cain is a king of Christmas movies – I believe he’s been in over 20! You don’t have to watch long to find one he’s in.)

So go on, pull up a couch, pour yourself some hot chocolate or a cup of tea and watch. As long as you have cable you can catch these movies. Sure, you’ll know how they’ll all end about 10 minutes in, but you’ll enjoy the trip all the same.

If you have an idea for next week’s Guilty Pleasure – or if you would like to be the special Guest Blogger and write next week’s Guilty Pleasure post, drop me a line here! I would LOVE to hear your ideas. Especially all you Spoonies and Chronic Babes – what are the those little guilty pleasures that make the bad days a little better? Let’s share and help each other!


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