This Blog is Interrupted by NaNoWriMo

Hey Gang! Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been trying to write for National Novel Writing Month. I have less than 5,000 words to go and a little over 24 hours. I think I can do it. So wish me luck and please stand by while I try to get this done. Well reach 50,000 words I don’t think the story will be done but I’ll be close. I’ll let you know what happens!

Once more into the breech!


UPDATE: I wrote 4237 words today! A little over 2 thousand of those were before I did the quick blog post. I have 2432 words left to do! For the first time in a couple of weeks I’m actually going to go to bed before 2 AM and get some sleep! Thanks for all patients, the good wishes and positive thoughts everyone!


Friday’s Guilty Pleasure for 11/22/2013

This week’s Guilt Pleasure post is co-written by my 15 year-old daughter Kay. I’m letting you read it just as she wrote (ok, I corrected some spelling). Enjoy…

The Mark 2 fibreglass (Tom Yardley-Jones) Tard...

Doctor Who is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s a British sci-fi show about an alien (Time Lord) named the Doctor and his travels through time and space with his companions. The show turns 50 on Saturday the 23rd of November, making it the oldest sci-fi show ever. Over the years, the Doctor has regenerated (a clever trick by the writers so they can replace the actor) eleven times, meaning eleven actors have played the part, and now, in the Anniversary special three of them and Queen Elizabeth.

The show is very confusing, and you never know what to expect, like how the Doctor was at a picnic next to a lake with his wife, while his best friend was pregnant with his wife, when his wife in a space suit came out of the lake and killed him (spoilers), or how one of the companions named their daughter after their daughter after she grew up with her daughter… but the surprises are definitely worthy of your time. The more you watch it, the more addicted to it you become. When you do fall in love with it, you join a world-wide community that is open and happy to meet others in their fandom. We’re called Whovians.

Now, I’ve been suggested to say the cost. The only costs are the money to get BBC in what ever country you live in, or Netflix, which has every season of the show. The other cost is your time, which will often get devoted to Doctor Who. Then, if you do get addicted to show, you will most likely went to buy the shirts, mugs, posters, toys, and DVDs. Trust me. I’ve either bought or received two Doctor Who shirts, one mug, one poster, two sonic screwdrivers (the Doctor’s tool that can do anything ((except wood), two TARDIS (his spaceship that looks like a British Police Box that is bigger on the inside) blue nail polish, and the diary of one of the characters.

Thanks Kay! Great job!! I’d just like to add that this weekend is filled with all kinds of Doctor Who specials, shows and on-line activities. Check out things like the page visually depicting the social media around the special and offering a few (very short) sneak peaks. The BBC YouTube channel where they’ll be updating things with videos from the events going on in the UK. And don’t miss the world-wide simulcast of the anniversary special staring at 7:50 PM in the UK and 2:50 PM on the East Coast of the US. Enjoy!

By the way, if a strange man with a box that’s bluer than blue, ancient and new, and much bigger on the inside asks where you want to go in all of time and space, go! Don’t walk, RUN!

If you have an idea for next week’s Guilty Pleasure – or if you would like to be the special Guest Blogger and write next week’s Guilty Pleasure post, drop me a line here! I would LOVE to hear your ideas. Especially all you Spoonies and Chronic Babes – what are the those little guilty pleasures that make the bad days a little better? Let’s share and help each other!


We Interupt this Guilty Pleaseure

This has been a really rough week. I’ve had horrible migraines for a week, an unplanned trip to the zoo, an unexpected job interview, and the week is ending with some sort of stomach issue that I think came from something I ate since the only 3 people who have are the 3 people who ate a particular piece of fancy cake. What I’m getting at is, I’m beat.

One of the big things about having a chronic illness is knowing when to say “Uncle” and not push any further. This my friends is one of those times. I need to get some rest. I also need to take care of the kiddos who are also down for the count. Thank goodness my Mother-in-Law is staying over for a few days to help out.

I promise I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled programming next week.

Have a great weekend all. Be kind to one another, most importantly, be kind to yourselves!

Thank You Veterans

I’m blessed to come from a family filled with military service for the United States dating back to the Revolutionary War. I also met some amazing members of the military while working as a government contractor. I’ve been lucky enough to call more than a few former and active duty personnel friends. I am in awe of each one of these individuals. Their sacrifice and willingness fight for our country means more than I can put into words. Thank you for all that you do and all that you have done.

Retired elderly soldier salutes active duty soldiers carrying the US flag in a parade.

Ret. Army 1st Sgt. William Staude salutes soldiers as they march past him during the Veterans Day parade in downtown Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 11, 2011. The soldiers are assigned to the 316th Expeditionary Sustainment Command. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Michel Sauret

Because I’ve known so many members of the military I’ve known a lot people who waited anxiously for their loved ones to come home. Your tears don’t go unnoticed. Thank you for your sacrifice and for all that you do to keep your loved ones going.

Thank you to the Gold Star Families. Those who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. No words can ease your pain. Know you are not forgotten, you are and will forever remain in our hearts and in our prayers.

We owe so much to those who have served, and those who kept the home fires burning. Whether you served in a time of peace or war. Whether you were drafted or volunteered for service. Your bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten. Thank you for serving.


*This post is shared with another blog I post on, the sentiment is heartfelt so I thought I would post it both places.*

Friday’s Guilty Pleasure for 11/08/2013

Image representing Viggle as depicted in Crunc...

Image by None via CrunchBase

I’m taking on a whole new area of Guilty Pleasures this week – mobile apps. The first one is not only an addicitive guilty pleasure, it’s an enabler. I’m talking about Viggle.

Viggle, in a nutshell, rewards you for watching TV. You get points for tuning into TV shows, answering questions and watching commercials. You can save up those points for everything from gift cards to Kindles.

Perhaps it’s more addiction than a guilty pleasure. Trying to get as many points as you can as quickly as you can, for some, becomes an obsession. For me it has been from time to time as I’ve found ways to get the most points possible in a day. It certainly was for my husband for a long time. But there’s a good reason.

If you’ve been following you know I’ve been keep our budgets in mind. Not only is this app budget friendly, it could improve your bottom line! All those points you collect can be used to get e-gift cards for places like J.C. Penney’s, Old Navy, Chili’s and my personal favorite – Starbucks (Viggle has pretty much fueled my chi latte addiction!). They have Viggle merchandise available for points. There are a couple of charities you can donate points to and Viggle will send them the money equivalent. You can even get products like Kindle Fires and tickets for cruises.

It’s for real friends! My husband’s…let’s say focus…on television and Viggle resulted in a Kindle Fire! I should note that we’ve been using Kindle since the summer of 2012 – the cost of prizes have gone up and the points awarded for somethings have gone down since we got the Kindle.

We’ve had dinner on Viggle more than once. Thanks to Viggle we were able to get our kids new clothes to start the school year with – it wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Viggle may be what saves Santa’s backside this year.

I do want to mention that at the moment there is only one gift card available. In the past this has meant they’re selling out of what they have “in stock” and will be come back with higher “prices” for the same values. When I started using the app a $5 Starbuck e-card was 10,000 points. Most recently they discontinued $5 cards and $10 were 25,0000 points.

Still, earning points for something you’re probably doing any way, and then using those points for things you need is a pretty good deal.

Viggle is a free app available for Apple and Android products. As I mentioned above, there are ways to work the system to get more points than it looks on the surface. If any one downloads the app and wants any of the tips and tricks my husband and I have picked up over the last 18 months or so, leave a note in comment section below.

If you have an idea for next week’s Guilty Pleasure – or if you would like to be the special Guest Blogger and write next week’s Guilty Pleasure post, drop me a line here! I would LOVE to hear your ideas. Especially all you Spoonies and Chronic Babes – what are the those little guilty pleasures that make the bad days a little better? Let’s share and help each other!

Friday’s Guilty Pleasure for 11/01/2013

This week I’m highlighting something that is part guilty pleasure, part torture – National Novel Writing Month!

For those of you who aren’t familiar NaNoWriMo, is an annual challenge taking place in November to write 50,000 words of fiction from scratch in 30 days. There’s a great support community and system to help keep you on track. There are “write-ins” to get you out of the house and with other writers who can feel your pain. Insane? Maybe. Fun? Oh yeah.

Logo for National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month – is it a guilty pleasure or a sign of insanity?

As is my usual style, I’ll be honest here and tell you I haven’t reached the 50,000 word goal in my previous two attempts. In my defense, the first year I didn’t find out about it until after November 1st and started off the several thousand words off the pace needed to finish on time. And then last year I was working for an organization that had a big event in late November, so there wasn’t much time for eating or sleeping and you could forget about writing for fun.

Instead, my goal each year has been to use the challenge to form better creative writing habits. To do things like carve an hour out of each day to write without interruptions. To get better at focusing when I do write so I can make the most of my time. Figuring what if tight outlines or free-flow works best (a kind of combination, thanks for asking). It’s really been a great chance to get to know me as a writer better. Sure, I’d love to make 50,000 words, but I also know I have enough major stressors in my life that block the flow if ideas to let one of the things that let me relax become a major source of stress.

Writing has always been a great release and an escape for me. With everything that’s going on in my life right now and the frame of mind I’ve been in, I could really use a little escape. But I’m not going to stress myself out about reaching that 50,000 word mark – that is the last thing I need. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to do my best to reach it, but I’m not going to stress out over it.

There are a lot of folks who really enjoy writing and who might like taking part. I know the point is to write a novel (oh by the way, you aren’t limited to 50,000 words, you’re allowed to go over) but you can also look at this as a great chance to create some new writing habits.  I’d love to hear in the comments section from anyone who’s going to be taking part.

I’ll update you all from time-to-time on how it’s going. Wish me luck!

If you have an idea for next week’s Guilty Pleasure – or if you would like to be the special Guest Blogger and write next week’s Guilty Pleasure post, drop me a line here! I would LOVE to hear your ideas. Especially all you Spoonies and Chronic Babes – what are the those little guilty pleasures that make the bad days a little better? Let’s share and help each other!